Club Privacy Policy

How we will handle your personal data and protect your privacy.

 A guide to how we meet the requirements of the Data Protection Act

Making sure personal data is secure and properly dealt with is of paramount importance in our dealings with you. It is therefore important you understand what information we will take, why we need it, and how we will process your details.

For the purpose of this document Grantham Amateur Radio Club is referred to as GARC.

 What data will you ask me for?

We will ask for minimum information from you. The information we ask for is your name (or that of your club or organisation), address, telephonenumber (optional) and email.

 Do I have to provide my personal data?

For GARC to be able to process your individual membership application we need you to provide the above information

How will you use my data?

The primary reasons for use of your data:

  • New membership application
  • Renewal of membership

How long we will store your data?

We will only keep your personal information while you are a member.

 Can I see a copy of my personal data?

Yes. Please email GARC and we will provide a copy of any personal data we hold within one calendar month of receiving your request.Please note that we may need to verify your identity before providing the information.

What if my data is incorrect or incomplete?

You have the right to have your data corrected or completed by contacting GARC in writing (details below).

Can I have my data erased?

Yes. To have your information erased please email GARC in writing. However, to administer your membership we need to store at minimum your name and primary contact.

 How can I get more information?

If you would like further details on how we use your personal information or if you have any data protection queries, please email:

Club Secretary –

A PDF copy can be downloaded here