Amateur Radio

Amateur Radio for Everyone!

Amateur radio is all about the skill and fascination of communicating using a radio. Open to all, young or old, amateur radio captivates the interest of millions of people around the world. Amateur radio operators, also known as “hams”, encompass a huge range of activities, from people communicating with someone down the street to those talking to the International Space Station. Radio amateurs are at the forefront of developing technologies years in advance of when they are rolled out to the public. FM, television, and even mobile phones were all used by amateur radio operators many years ahead of the public. Hams are at the very cutting edge of technology in many areas.

Radio amateurs often assist by providing communications after disasters and emergencies. Many radio amateurs use the same skills to provide reliable communications for fun runs, carnivals, village fetes and air shows. There are fun amateur radio competitions and awards and much, much more.

If you want to do something challenging, fascinating and worthwhile, become a radio amateur!

Technical Innovation

Radio amateurs over the years have been responsible for many of the technical innovations in communications which we take for granted. These range from the development of short-wave radio communication, the ubiquitous ‘walkie-talkie’, to the sophisticated digital packet radio systems on which much of modern life depends. Radio amateurs are the ONLY users of the radio spectrum who are allowed to construct their own transmitters and thus experiment with new technology. Radio amateurs have built and launched more than 40 communication satellites. Amateur radio is closely linked to the space programme and the International Space Station.

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When disaster strikes, amateur radio is on hand to help. Using the same skills developed in the community, amateur radio provides skilled operators whom the international relief agencies formally recognise. Amateur Radio helps provide reliable communications worldwide during earthquakes, floods and air disasters.

Image by Chris Sampson (EU60JTZ-5 100813 CPS) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


Radio amateurs put their skills to the test daily, providing reliable communications for community events up and down the country. The London Marathon, car rallies, fun runs, carnivals, village fetes and air shows benefit from this invaluable resource Britain’s Radio Amateurs provided.

If you want to help your community or take an interest in other areas of this fascinating and worthwhile hobby, become a radio amateur.

Image by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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