Lammskar Island EU-177 2001

Located in the Baltic to the south of Arkosund



Taken at the BBQ on the island by Goeran SM5AWU.

Left to Right

Alan (G0RCI ) Brian (G7SJX) Bob (M5ROB ) Richard (G3CWI) John (G8PSP)

Pete (2E1ALF) Harry (G7DEH) Tom (G0PSE) Kevin (G6SSN)


Leaving Grantham, we travelled south to Harwich, and from there to Esjberg in Denmark on the DANA ANGLIA.

Arriving 24 hours later in Denmark, we then began our epic trip across both Denmark and Sweden, choosing to save drivers and time we crossed via the ferry at Helsingor to Helsingborg.

Our target on the second day was to reach the town of Norkopping (pronounced norshowping) where Derek SM5RN had arranged accommodation for us at the local youth hostel.. some funny kind of youths!

After a very early breakfast we left for the port of Arkosund from here we were to meet up with Goran (pronounced yawran) who both lives and operates his taxi service from the island. The 40 minute trip was soon over and the hard work started.. especially for the two pack horses Brian and Pete !

The CW station was situated on the other side of the island very close to the water so that Tom and Richard could drop their wires in the water!

No comments PLEASE!

The actual distance between us was only about 200 yards, but as there was a great blooming lump of granite between us, there were no problems with interference.

Harry has had enough time for a quick nap!

Richard G3CWI hard at work!

The statutory “sundown over isle” type shot!

Goran our Captain for the voyage.

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