Chausey Island EU-039 1997

French Island group south of the Channel Isles

Chausey (French pronunciation: ​[ʃo.zɛ]) is a group of small islands, islets and rocks off the coast of Normandy, in the English Channel. It lies 17 kilometres (11 mi) from Granville and forms a quartier of the Granville commune in the Manche département. Chausey forms part of the Channel Islands from a geographical point of view, but, because it is under French jurisdiction, it is almost never mentioned in the context of the other Channel Islands. There are no scheduled transport links between Chausey and the other Channel Islands, although between two and four daily shuttles link Chausey to mainland France through Granville, depending on the season.
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The Chausey Team


Back row:

Bert, Harry, Doug, Craig

Front row:

Alan and Tom.

Taking picture:


Unlike Saltee,

Here we arrived in style.

In a 20 metre boat.

A small view of some of the 365 islets, that make up the group.

The strain is starting to show! Bert G1UMK taking it easy as usual in the background.

Harry G7DEH wondering if it is time for his reknowned tea?

Craig G3RWP just wishing he was at Uni !

Accomodation for the seven of us, including 2 HF stations, consisted of the room covered by the top two windows and the attic.

SSB station was by the window on the left,and the CW station was in the loft.

Rear view of “La Ferme”, all aerials were erected in the back garden of the farm.

Tom,CW operator for this little trip in his attic operating room.

Doug G8PY on the mike with Pete 2E1ALF on the laptop.

Yours truly, cream crackered, ready for a kip..if only I could get somewhere near the bed!